Corporate Responsibility

At Rural Bank of Solano, we take corporate governance and business ethics seriously. Corporate responsibility is integrated into our business practices. It is a reflection of our values, and the way we do business. The RBS Mission, Vision and Core Values serve as our compass for us to consistently act without compromise as we build trusted relationships with all customers. At RBS, our customers are not just our current clients but also the employees, directors, stockholders and potential clients (which is the general public).

Since its conception in 1999, our Core Values and our Mission and Vision statement form the base upon which we continue to build our policies, programs and services. In 2010, RBS launched the “GO GREEN POLICY STATEMENT” because we recognize our role of corporate social responsibility to the environment. As such, RBS is committed to operate in a way that respects what is environmentally acceptable and to promote environmental awareness and social responsibility.

Rural Bank of Solano is committed to:  (1) 3R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle; (2) conserve energy; (3) make a difference by creating social impact.

One manifestation of how serious we are with corporate social responsibility is the launching of the program to plant 5000 seedlings, hence, on October 2011 an initial 300 seedlings have already been planted at Masoc, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya (as seen below).

We welcome your inputs and comments which we could use to help us continue to develop and improve our practices and programs for corporate responsibility. Contact us.