“Pabahay ang Alay, Layunin ay I-angat ang Buhay”.

The Balay Housing Microfinance Loan may be used to finance home improvement/repairs, home construction, or home/lot purchase.

General Client Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Micro entrepreneurs of any gender;
  2. Legal age not exceeding 65 years of age;
  3. Located within the municipality where RBS is present through a bank branch or field office;
  4. At least 3 years resident in the area unless, the place of residence is solely owned by the applicant as evidenced in the property title and tax declaration;
  5. At least 1 year in business
  6. With a co-borrower (either spouse or relative of 1st degree of consanguinity or partner in business)
  7. Without any history of past due account with the bank, other banks and/or any other creditors/suppliers.
  8. With other verifiable sources of household income
  9. With verifiable source of income from:
    • Regular employment or other rendition of labor or service;
    • Supplementary or other source of income from an economic enterprise, income generating activity (farming) or support/contribution from other members of the family or household.
  10. For client applying for a loan above P 50,000.00, the client should additionally show tenure security or proof of legal use, possession or ownership of their residence for both house and lot. (attachment only)


  1. Proof of Billing
  2. Electrical bill / Telephone bill, CAT-V, etc.
  3. Business Permit / Mayor’s Permit
  4. CTC / Sedula, Brgy. Clearance (borrower/co-borrower, co-makers)
  5. 2×2 picture (borrower/co-borrower, co-makers)
  6. Two (2) qualified co-makers
  7. With co-borrower
  8. Business within the town
  9. ID (Driver’s license, SSS, GSIS, Postal, PRC, Voter’s, PhilHealth, Pag-Ibig, Passport, etc.)
  10. Inventory of Stocks

Other Requirements:

  1. For House Renovation:
    • Bill of Materials / Labor Cost
    • Picture of Project (before and after completion)
  2. For House Construction:
    • Building plan / permit
    • Electrical plan
    • Zoning Certification
    • Loan release will be based on project sectioning
  3. For Lot Purchase:
    • Deed of Sale
    • Payment will be done at the bank